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A magazine & A movement
Promoting the freedom to express and take control on our body & sexuality.

By Yael Cohen Aris

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​HolyLand was created to support the ideas of freedom, acceptance and the ability to contain others.

The magazine is focusing on promoting the freedom of women to express themselves - their bodies, their femininity and their sexuality.

The magazine aims to bring awareness to this topic, shed light on the women experience all in a good, entertaining and enriching spirit.

Here we believe that our choice and form to express ourselves in a sensual way don't project other sides of us, and definitely don't define us.

Quite the opposite, we believe that feeling confident in our own skin, feelings, needs and healthy desires - it’s a blessing, not a shame.​

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After successful pilot that started on March 2020 to April 2021, includes 9 varied unique issues that were created with lots of thinking, love, effort and ambition. We've expended our Magazine family with many talented photographers, writers and gorgeous models who came to share their story.

We gain more reputation and proud to say we are blessed with closed and most supportive community we could hope for!

But it wasn't enough.

My ambition is to be able to reach as many people as I can and spread the movement messages in a larger scale to the world. 

This was my motivation behind changing the Magazine format.

Instead of a monthly issue subscription that keep HolyLand in a close community, we've decided to create an open to the public place to share our agenda with everyone!

It also include free access to some of the magazine content, articles, productions etc, and yet keep producing exclusive extra content for the those who are interested as part of a monthly subscription under the name 'Yael Magazine'.

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While in development we're slowly starting to build a team.
Fill your details if you're interested in joining us!


Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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